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Procurement dashboards
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End-to-end transparency

Whether goods are going from suppliers to vessels, or consolidated shipments from the warehouse, Procurement allows full logistic control, backed by Shipnet Financial to effortlessly sync with ledgers, budgets and finance departments. 

Trusted by over 150+ companies in 31 countries

True tracking as standard, touching base with every department 

Unlike other standalone solutions, Procurement touches nearly every department, including CPOs, Technical Managers, Purchasers, Warehouse Managers, Technical Superintendent and seafarers. Providing full transparency at every stage of the ordering process. 

Centralised data 

All vital data, from maintenance-related consumption to warehouse packages, is held centrally, simplifying meaningful decisions.

All-in-one solution

Our end-to-end cycle brings every stage of procurement together – from sourcing, to logistics, to invoicing. 

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Procurement - Supply Chain Fact Sheet
MOL Logo

Captain Joshi

Manager (Quality Assurance), MOL Tankship Management

“Shipnet’s software creates personnel accountability, showing live data for all to see. This transparency makes us a more efficient business.”
Depoli Logo

Giovanni Colotto

Managing Director, De Poli Ship Management

“Shipnet’s simplicity is what makes it stand out. Being able to connect different business areas in a few clicks allows more informed decision making.”
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Efficient integration

Perfect alignment between Technical and Financial for improved integration at every touch point.

Compliance built in

Efficient approval hierarchies and four-eye approvals with complete auditability, designed for streamlined compliance. 


Simple web forms can be accessed via the portal, for better communication and electronic quotations with suppliers.

Inter-departmental workflows 

Configurable to match your business workflows, to make sure individual tasks can be tracked from A – B.

A large ship docked at port
Modernising MOL Tankship Management, bringing a shipping giant into the modern era with Shipnet ONE

MOL specialises in the shipment of chemicals and oils, and needed an elegant, all-in-one solution to bring operations up to date. Read on to find out why MOL management is saying Shipnet’s software makes them a more efficient business.

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