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March 1, 2024

Demystifying ERP: Why it's both necessary and misunderstood

Unraveling ERP's misunderstood reputation, Shipnet offers a tailored solution for the maritime industry, anchored in data-driven efficiency.

man in office looking upset as his erp project has failed

Overcoming ERP mistrust in the maritime industry


Shipnet's tailored software solutions offer a lifeline, bridging the gap between the necessity of ERP and the specificity of maritime operations. Let's uncover the truth behind ERP's bad reputation and discover how Shipnet charts a course towards smoother seas.


Exploring ERP's unfavorable reputation

In the vast sea of IT terminology, one term that often elicits groans and eye rolls is ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning. It's like the unsung hero of business operations software, simultaneously disliked and deemed essential. But why the mixed feelings? Let's dive in.

ERP: The backbone of business operations

ERP, simply put, is a catch-all term for a myriad of systems designed to streamline and integrate various business processes. From finance and HR to inventory and supply chain management, ERP aims to be the central nervous system of an organisation, orchestrating its functions for optimal efficiency.

However, ERP's bad rap stems from its reputation for being complex, costly, and prone to failure. Indeed, ERP migrations and integrations have a notorious track record for going awry. Projects exceed budgets, timelines stretch into oblivion, and sometimes, the promised benefits never materialise.

So, is ERP still necessary?

So, why bother with ERP if it's such a headache? Well, despite its pitfalls, ERP remains a necessary evil. In today's hyperconnected world, businesses can't afford siloed operations. They need real-time visibility, streamlined processes, and data-driven decision-making – all of which ERP promises to deliver, albeit with some bumps along the way.

Charting a New Course: Shipnet's Tailored Solution

Enter Shipnet. Unlike generic ERP solutions, Shipnet's maritime-specific platform is purpose-built for the unique needs of the maritime industry. Instead of shoehorning generic software into maritime operations, Shipnet offers a tailored solution that speaks the language of the sea.

The Foundation of Success: Shipnet's Data-Driven Approach

What sets Shipnet apart is its foundation – data. All modules within Shipnet's ecosystem operate from the same data source, ensuring consistency and accuracy across the board. Whether it's fleet management, voyage optimisation, or accounting, every aspect of maritime operations draws from a single source of truth.

Niall Jack

Director, Product Management

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