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January 9, 2024

Emissions Data and CII Cost Management in 2024

Track emissions, manage costs effortlessly and gain insights from accurate data with Shipnet's tailored solutions for EU ETS compliance and CII optimisation

a chemicl tanker on the open sea with exhust fumes being emitted

Emissions Data and CII Cost Management in 2024

How Shipnet’s compehensive solution can help your business


In today's business landscape, tracking carbon emissions and complying with regulations like the European Union Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) is crucial. Managing Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) values and controlling related costs have become pivotal tasks. Here at Shipnet, we've tailored innovative solutions to assist you in effectively tracking emissions data andmanaging CII costs.
Tailored shipping solutions for you

At Shipnet, we've redefined commercial management tools with our Voyage Estimator and Voyage Manager applications. These tools offer an extensive array of functionalities, empowering you to estimate, record, and manage emissions data right from the planning stage of your voyages until their completion.

Our Voyage Estimator stands out as a forward-thinking tool. It allows you to estimate C02 emissions, crucial for CII calculations and compliance with EU-ETS regulations during voyage planning. Moreover, it provides projections of expenses and incomes related to carbon credits, offering you valuable insights into future financial implications.

Complementing this, our Voyage Manager takes over during the operational stage of your voyages. It records actual CO2 emissions, facilitating the calculation of attained CII values, EU-ETS-related data, carbon credit expenses, and revenues per customer. Our Invoicing application has also been revamped to enable the accurate billing of emissions incurred during your cargo shipments.

Addressing marine industry challenges head-on

We understand the challenges businesses face regarding estimating CII values, EU-ETS carbon credits, and related expenses during voyage planning. Our solutions directly tackle these challenges by offering functionalities that bridge this gap. Now, you can seamlessly plan and monitor emissions data, ensuring compliance with stringent regulations and optimal cost management.

Reliable data accuracy for you

Ensuring the accuracy and reliability of emissions data is paramount, considering regulatory compliance requirements. Here at Shipnet, we rely on Bunker ROB values reported for each port call. These values, obtained from our onboard solution or manually updated by your shore operators, serve as the foundation for precise emissions tracking, guaranteeing data reliability for regulatory purposes.

Get the tools to see actionable insights

But we don't just stop at offering tools; we take a step further with advanced reporting capabilities through Shipnet Analytics/Report Builder. This empowers you to design customised reports tailored to your specific needs, providing you with deeper insights into emissions data and cost management.

Future-forward enhancements for you

Our commitment to innovation continues with planned enhancements in capturing Carbon Credit inventory for EU-ETS expense calculation. These updates will further streamline emissions data tracking and CII cost optimisation, reinforcing our position as a forward-thinking solution provider.

Your business impact and benefits

The impact of our solutions on your business is profound. By utilising Shipnet's software, you gain real-time updates on CII ratings, accurate tracking of CO2 emissions, insights into overall carbon footprints, and efficient management of expenses and revenues. This results in enhanced compliance and financial management for your business in today's environmentally conscious world.

This dedication to revolutionising emissions data tracking and CII cost management showcases our commitment to assisting you in navigating the complex regulatory landscape. With Shipnet's tailored solutions, you can confidently steer towards compliance, sustainability, and financial optimisation in today's environmentally conscious world.

John Wills

VP Product

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