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February 1, 2023

Learning from customers (and a product bundle for you)

Have you explored the possibility of your Shipnet solutions? How our customers have derived more value from our products when used in combination.

Ship in dock with crane on land

One of the best parts of my jobs is exploring with existing customers how they derive value from our products when used in combination.

A few weeks ago, I felt genuinely privileged to be walked through a solution put together by a couple of super users at one of our smaller (but very progressive) customers, put together in advance of CII regulations coming into full force later this year.

Combining products – for results the entire business can see

They'd taken four separate components of our portfolio- Commercial SE, ShipConnect, Analytics and the dashboards, and built a beautifully simple solution that bought the best available data on their vessels and operations ashore and broadcast it to every person in their organisation using Dashboards and the Analytics Web client.

This spreading of useful data around the organisation was not undertaken with a specific purpose in mind, it was done on the understanding that their colleagues would see the positions, fuel consumptions and so forth reported by the ships and make good use of it.

Improve performance, and prepare for CII

The result is that- as well as getting ready for CII by getting accurate consumptions and cargo data to the people in their business who needed it - there's been an overall improvement in performance of somewhere between 10-13%.

That business called me because they had a question to ask specifically about CII and whether we were preparing any specific releases around it (we are- and I'll talk more about that in future blogs), but I left instead thinking about the power of simple solutions, combined together in an effective way and then exploited by a clever team who trust and believe in the skills and talent of their colleagues.

In the Spirit of collaboration

We are launching this special product bundle  

Commercial SE- The complete chartering, planning and management tool, letting you control your entire voyage. Our commercial software/solution is tailored to your business/shipping needs.

ShipConnect - Our integrated voyage and port reporting system, featuring configurable field validation and customisable reports

Dashboards-  Get real time business insights from your data with easy-to-understand graphical reporting dashboards.

Analytics - Crunch the numbers, get the data and act on the insights - with the analytics product built by and for the shipping industry.

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John Wills
VP Product

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