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June 21, 2023

Save time and cost on Compliance

Are you still using primitive methods, spreadsheets and multiple sources of information to manage compliance? Shipnet's Compliance Tracker does that work for you.

A person gathering Compliance information from different sources

Digitisation for Maritime operations

Industries around the world are discovering the advantages of digitisation, and transforming outdated methods to create streamlined, efficient processes. The maritime industry is among those trying to find new opportunities to improve the way they manage responsibilities like safety and compliance in a competitive market. One of the main problems faced by organisations is the tremendous amount of time being spent collecting and capturing data in spreadsheets and applications to keep track of compliance evaluations. This data is often then used to manually generate reports for management reviews, and status of regulatory compliance.

Stay in control and avoid the costs of non-compliance

As a maritime organisation, there are regulations that need to be followed every day whether it’s in the office or onboard the ships. These could be related to ISM, TMSA, ISO or even localised regulations for offices. With so many items to keep track of, it is easy for this to get lost in various systems or solutions. This eventually leads to further time being lost to gather the status of compliances from different sources and frustration for employees trying to locate the correct documents and data. Not only is time lost in gathering the various information to demonstrate compliance, non-compliance itself has a huge cost, and one that has risen sharply over the years. The cost comes in the form of fines, damage to reputation, accidents and injuries, and can even lead to a disruption in the day to day business drivers.

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Managing compliance doesn’t need to be difficult

With Shipnet Compliance Tracker's design, many of the risks of non-compliance can be eliminated. Outdated and inefficient ways of working can be completely modernised, so Compliance Tracker makes staying on top of the various regulatory requirements easier and faster. It also helps you evidence your compliance status quickly and easily. With easy to follow dashboards, and a user friendly system for logging and following upon the required steps for compliance, it keeps everything in one place, and as it’s cloud-based, can be accessed from anyone with the right permissions from anywhere with an internet connection.

The Shipnet compliance solution

  • Save time searching for data
  • Elimination of human error
  • No more lost or duplicated documents
  • Avoid costly fines
  • Help prevent accidents and injury
Cost saving compliance tool dashboard
This is our cost saving Compliance tool

Compliance Tracker allows you to easily manage assessments during audits because it has all the necessary registers and evaluations to help you summarise objective evidence. This not only allows you to demonstrate compliance to regulations, but also makes it easier by centralising that data, thus making it easy to access, and allowing visibility to those responsible within the company.

Create legal registers to manage requirements of compliance

Safe documentation of evaluation evidence for auditors

Secure documentation of departments and personnel of all applicable legislation

Real-time awareness of compliance status

Automated graphs and reporting across functional units

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