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March 28, 2024

Shipnet and Marcontrol charting a course for seamless maritime HR solutions

Get the latest on the exciting new partnership between Shipnet and MarControl, revolutionising crewing and HR solutions for the maritime industry

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Shipnet and MarControl: Charting a Course for Seamless Maritime HR Solutions

We've got some exciting news to share with you all. Shipnet is thrilled to announce a new partnership that will enhance our offerings and streamline operations for our valued customers.

"We always got it done, but we were shooting from the hip, and that approach couldn't carry us into the next phase of our growth."
Maxime Camirand, MarControl / Maritime Logical Systems Inc.

We know that in our industry staying ahead of the curve is essential to stay afloat. One area where we've received consistent feedback from our customers is the need for a robust HR solution tailored specifically for the maritime sector. While we've always believed in sticking to what we know best – providing top-notch shipping solutions – the demand for integrated HR functionalities became too loud to ignore.

With that in mind, let us introduce MarControl, a leading provider of HR solutions tailored for the maritime industry. Through fortuitous cosmic alignment (or perhaps just some good old-fashioned maritime luck), Shipnet and MarControl found themselves collaborating a couple of years back to support a mutual customer. It quickly became evident that our teams shared not only similar goals but also a vision for providing comprehensive and innovative solutions to our clients.

At Shipnet, we're all about innovation, but we're also pragmatic enough to recognize when it's best to leverage existing expertise. Building our own HR solution from scratch would not only be time-consuming but would also leave us playing catch-up in terms of features and reliability. In this fast-paced market, being without an integrated HR solution could mean missing out on valuable opportunities.

By partnering with MarControl, we're able to combine the strengths of both companies to deliver a seamless experience for our customers. MarControl's expertise in HR solutions perfectly complements Shipnet's suite of shipping solutions, creating a comprehensive offering that addresses the diverse needs of the maritime industry.

This partnership isn't just about business – it's about building lasting relationships and fostering synergies between great teams. With Shipnet and MarControl working together, we're confident that we can continue to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers, providing them with the tools they need to navigate the ever-changing seas of the maritime industry.

Before we go, we leave the final words with Maxime Camirand, MarControl CEO:

“Working alongside Shipnet has been great for my company. When we started working together three years ago, MarControl had pretty good software, but we were lacking in our ability to implement with new customers in a systematic, repeatable way. Shipnet is second to none in their project management process and organisation, and through their mentorship, we've been able to systematise our services to the point where we can confidently approach large implementations.

We're excited about this new partnership as it will allow us to offer MarControl as part of a fully integrated suite instead of solely as a specialised Crewing product. We look forward to helping Shipnet customers solve their crewing headaches!”

Stay tuned for next week when we pass the mic to Maxime to hear more from his perspective on MarControl and why it's such an exciting time to speak to both of us about HR for Maritime, whether a customer of one, both, or neither at this point.

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