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March 1, 2024

Shipnet Safety: Embracing digital transformation in maritime operations

Discover how Shipnet Safety empowers maritime operations: Achieve compliance, enhance safety, and embrace digital innovation for a safer tomorrow.

technical crew at a shipyard looking at a digital checklist on a tablet

Shipnet Safety: Embracing Digital Transformation in Maritime Operations


Embracing digital transformation in maritime operations isn't just about leveraging technology; it's about fortifying safety measures, ensuring compliance, and ultimately, saving lives while navigating towards a more technologically empowered future.


Maritime compliance through digital innovation

Maritime compliance and rules are the foundation of many of the operations carried out daily both on and off vessels – and today, we explore the transformative power of digital technology in ensuring vessel safety and compliance. Let us chart a course towards a future where paperless processes and safety insights guide us towards safer seas for all.

Upholding safety standards in maritime operations

In the vast expanse of the maritime industry, safety is paramount. With regulations like the International Safety Management (ISM) Code setting the course, shipping companies are tasked with implementing robust Safety Management Systems (SMS) to safeguard both their vessels and crew. While the path to compliance may seem daunting, embracing digital transformation offers a beacon of hope in navigating these waters with ease.

Shipnet's Commitment to Digital Empowerment

At Shipnet, we understand the challenges faced by shipping companies in adopting digital solutions. That's why we're here to guide you through the process, leveraging our 30 years of experience to streamline your journey towards safer seas. Our mission? To empower you to harness the full potential of our digital systems, enhancing vessel safety and compliance while minimising risks.

Digitisation of Incident Reporting: Enhancing Safety Protocols

Central to our approach is the digitisation of accident and incident reporting functionalities. As mandated by various codes and regulations, such as the ISM Code, effective reporting is crucial in ensuring timely response and continuous improvement. By transitioning from traditional paper-based processes to digital platforms, companies gain better control over communication flow, evidence compliance with safety policies, and unlock invaluable insights from historical data.

Partnering for Success: Shipnet's Supportive Ecosystem

However, we acknowledge that embracing digital transformation can cause apprehension. Therefore, we are committed to simplifying the process and minimising risks associated with digitisation for our clients. With Shipnet Safety, our user-friendly safety dashboards and reporting systems empower crew members to seamlessly record near misses, accidents, and onboard events in real-time, bidding farewell to cumbersome paperwork and welcoming instantaneous data collection at your fingertips.

Our dedicated team stands poised to support you at every juncture, leveraging our profound industry expertise to implement tailored best practices aligned with your unique requirements. Together, we will navigate towards safety for your fleet and peace of mind for your crew.

Niall Jack

Director, Product Management

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