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February 1, 2023

The Shipnet Dry Docking solution, what makes it special?

Our Product Management Director Basujit Chakravarty talks in detail about how existing customers are enjoying the ease of use and improved business efficiency found in our Dry Docking solution.

Crew member helping Dry Dock a ship

Dry Docking for everyone

I want to talk about a product that we’ve launched to our existing technical customers a little while ago - Dry Docking. This started out as a complementary application for existing Technical Management customers, and it sold very well. Working with this first wave of users (including several of Shipping’s largest and most prestigious names), we can now offer Dry Docking to any ship manager, owner or yard that would like to use it, even if they aren’t a Shipnet Technical Management customer already.

Manage your Dry Docking project from anywhere

Dry Docking focusses on giving you a powerful and easy to use, major project management solution, that lives in both the cloud and on mobile devices via a native application. Built over an open-API architecture, Dry Docking allows you to integrate the entire maintenance and procurement process, making the management of all aspects of your technical projects simple and hassle-free.

Simple analysis and reporting 

It makes keeping stakeholders in the loop simple via its automated reporting capability and allows easy import of quotations to make sourcing and yard comparisons quick and straightforward. Our recent update also allows you to import entire specifications via PDF and the solution will interpret the content and populate the project automatically, thanks to our AI-powered document analysis capability. 

No hidden costs

With a simple and transparent pricing structure - unlimited projects of any scale for a simple per-vessel, per year subscription, we’re confident that Dry Docking is the best tool on the market for technical managers who need to co-ordinate large projects with large groups of stakeholders quickly and easily.

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