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A Fresh Take On Marine Dry-Docking And Technical Project Management Software

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Making Dry-Docks Easy For Ship Managers

Our Dry-Docking Software is the latest and state of the art planning and project management solution for Technical Managers, Fleet Managers, and Superintendents and any project management related to the handling of technical specifications.

A very user-friendly system, the solution captures all the necessary information and follows the process of planning for and executing complex projects such as dry-docking and repairs.

Whether its preparing specifications or managing shipyards, their quotations or making progress on the jobs, the solution gives you all the necessary tools to manage both your project operations and costs efficiently.

No Installations Necessary!

Available as a multi-tenant SaaS Solution accessible in any browser. Built using the latest development architecture, our Dry-Docking Solution has an evolving roadmap to provide regular updates & new features.

Your project management teams can hit the ground running as the solution requires minimal implementation & training.

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Works Out Of The Box With ShipNetONE

Our Dry-Docking Software is completely integrated with the ShipNetONE Technical and Procurement XE Solutions, which means you’re ready to go with no interfaces or transfer of data required.

Don't Have ShipNetONE? We Got You Covered!

We, of course, would love for you to use our ShipNetONE Technical and Procurement XE Solutions as they work beautifully & seamlessly with our Dry-Dock Solution. However, the system functions as a standalone solution using API interfaces to any 3rd party Planned Maintenance or Procurement Solutions​ you may already be using.

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Easily Create & Manage Specifications

We understand it takes time to create meaningful repair specifications, and for that reason, we have thought about that aspect in our design.

Work Orders transfer in automatically from ShipNet or any other Planned Maintenance System through our APIs, which will save you time in completing repetitive tasks by at least 50%.

Furthermore, it is effortless to create your remaining Work Orders. Do you need to copy/paste from manufacturer manuals or drop screenshots and images into the specification? Our Specification Editor caters to all such editing and formatting to let you create the best specification easily.

Save Even More Time By Using Our Project Templates

Use our Project Templates feature to re-use specifications that repeat when starting a new project. Not only can you re-use specifications, but you are also supported by automatic task creation when initiating a project.

Know Your Costs

Whether it’s getting indicative quotations or performing comparisons between different quotes from shipyards, our sourcing section enables you to perform these functions with ease.

With our import functionality, quotations can be imported directly from excel and compared with calculated scores guiding you on the accuracy enabling a transparent decision-making process to choose the best yard.

Actively Ensure Progress Updates During Execution of Specifications

Monitor the progress of your project execution by posting regular updates and closely reviewing statuses.

Our execution section binds together the ability to track progress as well as giving you the flexibility to cancel, add, or update costs as they come in to provide you with an overview in real-time.

Run Agenda Focused Meetings & Create Follow Up Actions

The execution of specifications for a dry-dock after years of planning happens within days, and it is imperative to keep track and align on what is happening and when within the project team.

With our dynamic meetings functionality, monitoring of the progress, and follow up task creation is as easy as typing an email.

Mention people when creating follow up tasks for them, while the solution automatically links to relevant specifications and notifies people of what they need to do.

Keep On Top of Tasks

Create, assign, and track internal tasks for various stakeholders within your organization and utilize notifications and alerts to keep everyone on top of their tasks.

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Consolidated Automated Reporting

We will move you away from files and folders of information. The solution automates the generation of these reports for sharing updates. Features include the creation of specification reports, progress updates based on updates posted during execution and closing reports, including attachments of services and inspections for easy sharing among your stakeholders.



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