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Procurement XE is a Marine Procurement Solution that brings simplicity, clarity, and efficiency to your Procure To Pay (P2P) process resulting in potential savings of 30% or more.

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Marine Procurement Software

ShipNetOne Marine Procurement Software allows you to make informed decisions to optimize your spending. The solution provides a complete Ship – Shore procurement tool including defined work-flows, budget validation, price comparison, on-board shopping utility as well as Logistics and Warehouse management.

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Procurement XE Features

Procurement Management

  • Complete Procure-to-Pay process with real-time transparency across vessels, office users and warehouses
  • Enhanced compliance through role-based user management, hierarchical approval rights setup and custom order processing workflows
  • Maintain frame agreements within ShipNet One with automatic price lookup in the quotes process
  • Give more power to the ship’s officers with the use of the new onboard shopping functionality and reduce the shore processing time
  • Make informed decisions with smart price evaluation process
  • Procurement Explorer:
    • Requisition to order process for ships and shore
    • Invoice workflow management for orders
  • Material Receipts:
    • Common receipts module for ships, shore and warehouses to receive orders
  • Transport Booking Explorer
    • Create and manage transport bookings from supplier/warehouse to vessel
    • Invoice workflow management for transport bookings

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