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July 14, 2022

Dry Docking in 2022, what's changed?

With the pandemic restrictions easing around the world, 2022 has seen shipyard space opening up again and being able to manage dry dockings as it used to be. We have been hard at work in 2022 to bring further enhancements to the Shipnet Dry Docking solution

2022 - Coming back to normal?


With the pandemic restrictions easing around the world, 2022 has seen a reversing trend in dry docking with shipyard space opening up again and being able to manage dry docking as it used to be. The Shipnet Dry Docking solution which is the most modern, yet simplistic project management tool made for marine dry docking projects was first launched in September 2020. As we edge closer to two years of the product being in the industry, we are extremely thankful to the overwhelming response from our customers who signed up and started using the solution to manage their projects. 

But we are not done yet. We have been hard at work in 2022 to bring further enhancements to make this experience even better for you.

Improved yard stay and delay indications

We have introduced a more comprehensive yard stay indicator in the Project Header that shows you the entire yard stay period along with the docking periodand also shows you the variance between the expected stay vs the actuals. This is also available to be brought into the daily reports with a single click. Now there wouldn't be any more guess work about what the expected stay was vswhat's the actual looking like.

screen grab of Dky Docking software

Improved performance rating for service engineers

We rely on service engineers to perform critical tasks in a dry dock. It is equally important thatwe are able to assess their performance so that this is available for other technical managers to refer to when choosing service engineers for their vessel's docking. Now we have introduced the capability to rate the external contacts on the Project Header.

Dery Docking software screen image from Shipnet

This would be available automatically when adding new contacts to projects so that you are aware of their previous performance in other projects.

Demo of Dry Docking software

Never lose track of your dry docking finances

We know how important it is to get a quick view into the financial performance of a project. We have expanded the existing financial summary on the project header with Off hire costs as well as total project costs. This snapshot is also available to be imported into the daily report.

Dry docking finainial summary screen shot

We know how much of an impact weather can have on critical services like painting in a dry dock

For years, mariners have been using the weather service from the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the Norwegian Broadcasting ( Now, this is available directly within the Shipnet Dry Docking project header that will show you the upcoming forecast so that you can safely plan forweather-sensitive tasks in the dry dock.

Screen shot of weather forcast for Dry Docking software

Helping you decipher quotations further

Shipnet Dry Docking has one of the most comprehensive sourcing sections compared to other solutions where there are features for export / import, management of units, manager estimations ,and buffers to ensure the budget that you plan with stays as close to the real as possible.

We also know how important it is to have an idea of the costs provided by the yard vs those that were charged in the past projects. We have introduced a new option within the Quotation Comparison to beable to view the historical average price as well as the previous prices foreach service line.

Project management scree for dry docking software
Histrical prices screen shot or dry docking sodtare

Decisions to change IT systems sometimes take a long time due to the complexities of migration. Let us remove that headache for you

From day One, Shipnet Dry Docking was made to ease your transition. For customers who used Dockplan, it was one drag and drop migration into Shipnet Dry Docking. A lot of new customers we onboarded used to keep specifications in PDF and now those PDF files can simply be imported into Shipnet Dry Docking where our advanced algorithms extract every specification, and embedded attachments automatically to give you a ready to work on project right from where you left off in your previous solution.

It's as easy as creating a new project and dragging the PDF file from your computer into the solution. Have a look at how it works:

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