June 16, 2022
April 20, 2022

Invoice scanning

2022 welcomes the announcement of one of our most requested product updates - invoice scanning. This will be made available for both on premise and managed service customers.

Invoices generate vast amounts of work in businesses worldwide, and are difficult to deal efficiently with due to the multiplicity of formats and (often) varying quality of data they contain. One of our most frequent requests from customers is a better way of handling them.

To that end we are pleased to announce our new invoice scanning module. 

This solution, driven by Microsoft's award-winning AI services, allows users to throw any invoice into our cloud, and receive an accurate stream of data directly into their Shipnet database in return. This eliminates rekeying, and works with a very wide variety of file formats. 

Shipnet's new invoice new scanning feature

Even better, the service learns: each invoice you process improves the AI, meaning that the system becomes more effective over time. For example, on the first occasion you scan an invoice from a supplier, you may need to specify the currency, but the AI learns to associate that currency with all subsequent invoices from that supplier. This means fewer manual interventions and greater accuracy over time. Neat, eh?

This, coupled with our non-PO approvals module, mean that the needs of the typical shipping company can now be fully met by Shipnet components, reducing the needs for cumbersome, expensive and unreliable interfaces with third party solutions.

This is available for both on premise and managed service customers from Q2 this year. 

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