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January 26, 2023
February 16, 2022

Web Operations

We welcome another important digital announcement. With voyage management being such a core task for many of our users, we've created a new web module.

Voyage management is a core task for many of our users, and it’s carried out in a very wide variety of ways. In collaboration with one of our largest customers, we entirely rethought how we could do this in Shipnet ONE and came up with My Port Calls, which allows operators to follow individual vessels over a timescale that they set- not just the length of a single voyage. 

The collaboration gave us valuable insight into how this customer managed their voyages, and gave clear pointers on how we could create a complementary voyage management client that was more focussed around task management, and optimised to allow exception management in environments were there were more vessels per operator.

We were so happy with this approach, we decided to move that module to the Web, and make it the default way of managing voyages for those people who prefer working in the browser.  

Web dashboard from Analytics XE

The picture above is a (crude!) mock up, but if you want to see what My Port Calls looks like now to get a better idea as to how a web version might work, you can find it available in versions of Shipnet from 2019SR4. An updated version is present in 2022 MR. The web version will follow in q3 2022.

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