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December 6, 2022

Product Improvements - how you request and review

Have a suggestion for a product improvement? Follow this guide to submit your request, and follow the process from consideration to completion.

How to request an improvement to your Shipnet product

At Shipnet our goal is to build the products you need to make your job easier and your business more profitable, and we know that the best way to improve our products is with your help. With this in mind, we have a simple process for you to get in touch, request a change, and view the entire process at every step until completion.

So how do you make those requests?


The product improvement process

  • Customers enter their suggestions for a product improvement into JIRA via our portal. Any supplementary context or additional information is welcomed at this stage.
  • Shipnet picks up the request, and the Jira case is passed to the product owner, who evaluates the proposed case.
  • If further information is needed it is sought from the customer.
  • The case will either be passed for design or held in the product backlog until the capacity to deliver the change becomes available.

At all stages in this process, the case is visible to the customer that raised it. If more information becomes available after the ticket is logged, or if an update is required, the ticket can be edited, added to (or closed entirely) as circumstances change. Shipnet will never close a ticket without customers’ consent.

Access the Customer Portal from the Shipnet website


What happens next?

Once a change has been designed, it will be evaluated by R&D for an estimate of efforts. This will be returned to the Product Owner, who will pass the design and the efforts to our Change Advisory Board, who will approve the change for development.


If there is no capacity for the change, or if the board requires further information, it will be returned to the Product owner until capacity becomes available.

The Board meets every week, so even if the change is initially returned, it won’t necessarily be a long time before it is resubmitted and approved. The change is then developed and released in the usual manner.


To check for the latest product updates, simply take a look at our Knowledge hub and see the updates, along with our latest blogs. If you have any suggestions you'd like to submit, hete's the portal link to jump in now.

Customer Portal

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