How to reduce paperwork in Ship Planned Maintenance & Safety

Your Fleet Management teams generate an overwhelming amount of paperwork when performing their maintenance routines or submitting their monthly forms.

According to a recent report, up to 79% of seafarers felt that repeated tasks required too much documentation and paperwork. They cited that excessive admin tasks take too much time away from more urgent and meaningful tasks to guarantee ship safety.

These routines & forms responsible for generating endless paperwork can include tank inspections, machinery performance reports, and environmental & garbage reporting.

Consequently, your teams are then performing double data entry to upload this paperwork to planned maintenance and safety management systems.

As a result, your team’s valuable time is wasted, hindering their ability to complete high priority tasks more efficiently.

In light of this, seafarers across the industry are calling for the development of a, “work smart, easy-to-use” digital approach to reducing paperwork and time consuming manual workflows.

For this reason, we would like to introduce SmartForms as part of our Technical XE and Safety XE Solutions.

Take the Paper out of Paperwork

Take the paper out of paperwork for ship planned maintenance and safety management

Our SmartForms help your fleet teams take the paper out of their paperwork. Achieved through highly customized forms that adapt to their daily operations and workflows.

Just imagine your teams navigating their vessels, directly reporting planned maintenance and safety data into their systems on the go (using the ShipNet Mobility Tablet).

Under these circumstances, your teams would increase their reporting speed and put an end to double data entry. Consequently, dramatically reducing the time they spend on routines & forms while increasing efficiencies.

Additionally, your teams can take advantage of the integrations with our dashboard and reporting capabilities. Therefore, analyzing and reporting on your data using real-time updates effectively.

See below for more features & benefits of our SmartForms

Key Features & Benefits of SmartForms

  • Increase the speed of your fleet management teams reporting
  • Provide a toolset to the vessel’s crew to end double data entry and paperwork.
  • Compatible with both ShipNet desktop and mobile applications.
  • Easily attach pictures and use the tablet camera to complete forms on the go.
  • Analyze and report on submitted form data with real-time updates.
  • Completely integrated with Planned Maintenance and Safety
  • Reporting areas of the application.

Download Our SmartForms DataSheet

SmartForms DataSheet Thumbnail

For more information regarding SmartForms available within our Technical XE and Safety XE Solutions, contact us today or reach out to me directly using the details below.

Basujit Chakravarty