Insight Report Centre: Enhancing Maritime Business Results with Data Insight

The Challenge:

The shipping industry is experiencing changing business environments through ever-evolving strategic levers, ecosystems, compliance agreements and market conditions which are driving increased pressure on business users to analyze more data and sharpen insights toward their business objectives.

Currently, businesses within the Shipping Industry may not have the resources, time or capability available to churn out insightful and useful reports to support the decision making process on an ongoing basis.

While a variety of databases and tools may exist where data may be available, maritime business users are finding it challenging to develop insightful reports without the high cost of integrations.

Furthermore, report perspectives within the maritime business may not be exhaustive enough where best practices of reports across the industry are readily available.

The Solution:

To help overcome the outlined challenges, ShipNet has implemented an insight desk which includes a reports generation specialist coupled with a consultant who can:

  • Assess the report required by having a conversation with you.
  • Design the report.
  • Test the report.
  • Deploy the report either in a hosted solution or on your on-premise solution.

This service can be used monthly for a monthly charge.

Our Packages:


  • • Access to best practices industry reports
  • • 20 hrs per month of combined consultant and reports specialist time
  • • High-level documentation of reports


  • • 10 hrs per month of combined consultant and reports specialist time


  • • 20 hrs per quarter of combined consultant and reports specialist time

The Impact:

The impact this service enables a maritime business to get quick and easy access to insights from systems deployed. Not only is access given to proven and tested reports but allows methodology to generate custom reports, providing a more economic model to leverage capabilities within ShipNet that benefits a business by giving a greater return on investment. Finally and most importantly, business results are enhanced through data insight reports which are delivered on time.

Download our 'Insight Report Centre' Document

Insight Centre Report Front Cover

For more information download our ‘Insight Centre Report’ Document below or alternatively please contact Ivonne Auerbach, or Denis Debs,

Cooper Barry