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Planned Maintenance System for Ships with Onboard Mobility

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Planned Maintenance System on Ships

The ShipNetOne Technical XE Planned Maintenance System for Vessels/ships identifies and enables opportunities to lower the lifecycle maintenance cost and improves the productivity of the users.

Technical XE Vessel/Ship Planned Maintenance System Dashboard
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Planned Maintenance System for Ships

Technical XE is a planned maintenance and inventory management solution, built solely for technical departments, enabling them to stay up to date through a clear and structured work planning, providing extensive capabilities to comply with industry regulations & standards; make the management of data accessible, and provide a centralized managed defects list.

Mobility | Planned Maintenance System Onboard Ships

Mobility Onboard - Planned Maintenance for Ships Onboard

The ShipNetOne On-board Mobile Solution is designed to ease the pain of rolling out a new Planned Maintenance System onboard. Operate Planned Maintenance, Inventory Management and safety related matters easily and on the go.


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Advance Planned Maintenance

  • Future work planning with a dynamic maintenance planning chart
  • Group jobs of a similar frequency on a single vessel, type, class or across the entire fleet
  • Rotating components management that can track components landed for repair or exchange along with a comprehensive history log of the same
  • Ability to compare cost of ownership for machinery items across the fleet
  • Graphical representation of machinery running hours
  • Optimising the life cycle maintenance of key maintenance parts
  • Remove costly, unnecessary and invasive maintenance approach
  • Increasing productivity (vessels managed per person ratio)
  • Empowering users to make informed decisions
  1. System Explorer:
    • Overall view of the Planned Maintenance System with in-application administration and harmonisation tools
  2. Work Planning:
    • Work packages to prepare and manage dock and repair lists
    • Grouping features to complete multiple jobs in one go
  3. Rotating Component Explorer:
    • Manage component exchange with accurate control over history
    • Complete integration to logistics management to manage landing for repair and return
  4. Running Hour Counters:
    • Intuitive presentation of the counters with close integration to work order due dates and trend of immediate vs lifetime usage statistics
  5. Location Explorer:
    • Centralised inventory management across the fleet
  6. Equipment, Spare and Other Explorers
    • Role access-controlled explorers providing intuitive information on historical records, consumption and future requirements
  1. Improve Planning: Plan maintenance activities well in advance, predict spare part and labour requirements, see related work – never forget anything
  2. Reduce Maintenance Costs: By planning for activities not only by time but also by usage
  3. Keep Track of History: Know what was done (or not done) along with spare parts used, time spent on the job and spares consumed
  4. Manage Workloads and Priorities: Improved daily management of workloads by managing work assignments, and work priority
  5. Improve visibility between ship and shore: No more emails from superintendents, constantly monitor what is going on and gauge the progress
  6. Enforce maintenance procedures: Maintain up to date reference documentation, tasks required for job completion and keep everything up to date as per company’s SMS
  7. Go paperless: Facilitate mobility of maintenance teams with the use of the award winning ShipNet Mobility for the maintenance work or stock updates
  8. Robust, Compliant and Future Proof: Class approved system keeping you ready for new regulations in the shipping industry



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