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Planned Maintenance System on Ships

The ShipNetOne Technical XE Planned Maintenance System for Vessels/ships identifies and enables opportunities to lower the lifecycle maintenance cost and improves the productivity of the users.

Planned Maintenance System for Ships Onboard
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Planned Maintenance System for Ships

Technical XE is a planned maintenance and inventory management solution, built solely for technical departments, enabling them to stay up to date through a clear and structured work planning, providing extensive capabilities to comply with industry regulations & standards; make the management of data accessible, and provide a centralized managed defects list.

Mobility | Planned Maintenance System Onboard Ships

The ShipNetOne On-board Mobile Solution is designed to ease the pain of rolling out a new Planned Maintenance System onboard. Operate Planned Maintenance, Inventory Management and safety related matters easily and on the go.

Mobility Onboard - Planned Maintenance for Ships Onboard

Helpful Resources for Technical XE

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Technical XE Features

Planned Maintenance

  • Future work planning with a dynamic maintenance planning chart
  • Group jobs of a similar frequency on a single vessel, type, class or across the entire fleet
  • Rotating components management that can track components landed for repair or exchange along with a comprehensive history log of the same
  • Ability to compare cost of ownership for machinery items across the fleet
  • Graphical representation of machinery running hours
  • Optimising the life cycle maintenance of key maintenance parts
  • Remove costly, unnecessary and invasive maintenance approach
  • Increasing productivity (vessels managed per person ratio)
  • Empowering users to make informed decisions
  1. System Explorer:
    • Overall view of the Planned Maintenance System with in-application administration and harmonisation tools
  2. Work Planning:
    • Work packages to prepare and manage dock and repair lists
    • Grouping features to complete multiple jobs in one go
  3. Rotating Component Explorer:
    • Manage component exchange with accurate control over history
    • Complete integration to logistics management to manage landing for repair and return
  4. Running Hour Counters:
    • Intuitive presentation of the counters with close integration to work order due dates and trend of immediate vs lifetime usage statistics
  5. Location Explorer:
    • Centralised inventory management across the fleet
  6. Equipment, Spare and Other Explorers
    • Role access-controlled explorers providing intuitive information on historical records, consumption and future requirements
  1. Improve Planning: Plan maintenance activities well in advance, predict spare part and labour requirements, see related work – never forget anything
  2. Reduce Maintenance Costs: By planning for activities not only by time but also by usage
  3. Keep Track of History: Know what was done (or not done) along with spare parts used, time spent on the job and spares consumed
  4. Manage Workloads and Priorities: Improved daily management of workloads by managing work assignments, and work priority
  5. Improve visibility between ship and shore: No more emails from superintendents, constantly monitor what is going on and gauge the progress
  6. Enforce maintenance procedures: Maintain up to date reference documentation, tasks required for job completion and keep everything up to date as per company’s SMS
  7. Go paperless: Facilitate mobility of maintenance teams with the use of the award winning ShipNet Mobility for the maintenance work or stock updates
  8. Robust, Compliant and Future Proof: Class approved system keeping you ready for new regulations in the shipping industry

How can ShipNet assist my organization with TMSA 3?

The ShipNetONE integrated platform has been built around industry regulations to assist your organization in implementing your Safety Management System efficiently and proactively.

Tanker Management and Self-Assessment (TMSA3) Infographic
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Through the years of development of this solution in conjunction with the world’s major shipping companies, the platform not only meets the requirements but enables continuous improvement and encourages effective compliance with TMSA 3.

What are the key benefits of ShipNetONE?

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