Why now is the time to implement your Business Continuity Plan

Cast your mind back to March 2020. World leaders announced enforcements of lockdowns worldwide to combat the spread of COVID-19. Therefore, many businesses in the industry have now adopted a new remote working strategy as part of their business continuity plan. Moreover, it is projected that by the end of 2021, 25-30% of all businesses will likely have transitioned to a remote-working approach.

As we come to the end of 2020, a second lockdown has come into force across much of Europe. Additionally, many countries outside Europe are looking to follow suit. As a result, business leaders are now placing an even higher priority on their business continuity plans.

They are taking steps to safeguard their data and procedures. For example, they are reviewing their business processes, critical assets, supply chains, business partnerships, remote access, and disaster recovery measures as a priority to find ways that business can continue as normal.

Why do managed services need to be a part of your business continuity plan?  

Many of our customers have switched to our managed services. That is to say, we have helped them move their on-premise solutions to a hosted environment entirely managed by us. As a result, their access to their business-critical solutions were unimpacted and uninterrupted by the pandemic.

Our Managed Service supports you using world-class business continuity measures that maximize access and minimize disruption. Furthermore, we combine this with better application performance, support, and access to the latest software and improvements.

For us, providing a continued service is the number one priority as a Managed Service Provider. Above all else, we understand that our direct value is being able to ensure business continuity. That is to say, we take the necessary steps to provide remote access, a reliable service, and robust backup & disaster recovery measures for your data and solutions.

Your business can take advantage of the investment we make into technology, networks, and data centers. In other words, you get peace of mind in that we protect your data and services against all worst-case scenarios.

What’s included with ShipNet Managed Services?  

Our Managed Service is the latest version of our award-winning ShipNetONE solution, hosted in our Azure platform. So we are able to provide business continuity measures through:

  • 24/7 support
  • Integrated Backups  
  • Disaster Recovery  
  • Automated Upgrades & Updates
  • Guaranteed availability through 24/7 Remote Access

More Information 

To learn more about our managed services, read our blog on the five reasons to use Managed Services, or download our white paper.

If you need to ensure reliable 24/7 remote access to your ShipNet Commercial, Technical or Financial solutions, contact us today.

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